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The Jason Cavness Experience

Oct 18, 2021

On this episode of the Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Sharon Goldsmith – Acting Executive Dean of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at Hofstra University We talk about the following Entrepreneurship NYC Hofstra University Veterans Venture Challenge Being the head of HR and Finance at G-Unit Records Sharon’s Bio Sharon Goldsmith, MBA is the Acting Executive Dean of Entrepreneurship and Business Development at Hofstra University. She has twelve years of combined experience in the business management and entertainment industry and over five years in higher education. Sharon graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2003 with a degree in Public Relations and immediately joined LL Business Management, Inc. For almost three years, she was a business manager for recording artists, NBA players and other high net worth individuals. Her most famous client, 50 Cent, asked her to join G-Unit Records, Inc. in 2005 as the Director of Finance and later, the Director of Finance and Human Resources. During that time Sharon earned her M.A. in Speech Communication and Rhetoric Studies here at Hofstra University. Sharon spent over ten years contributing to the success of both multi-platinum music releases and supporting 50 Cent’s entrepreneurship. She helped him to achieve success in the tech, non-profit, entertainment and consumer electronic space. Sharon joined Hofstra’s Center for Entrepreneurship in 2016 and has completed the Lean Launchpad Educator’s Program and earned a Masters in Business Administration. At Hofstra’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (formerly the Center for Entrepreneurship), Sharon provides students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community with skills and training necessary to become accomplished entrepreneurs through multiple programs and services. Sharon also advances the mission of the Scott Skodnek Business Development Center by designing and implementing a new curriculum for the Empire State Development funded Entrepreneurial Assistance Centers. Sharon was a panelist at the 2020 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship’s 2019 Conference and presented at the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Center’s 2019 Conference. Sharon is currently serving as an E-Advisory Council Member for The National Center for Disability Entrepreneurship (NCDE) at the Viscardi Center. Sharon’s Social Media Sharon’s LinkedIn: Sharon’s Instagram: Sharon’s Twitter: Hofstra University Veterans Venture Challenge: Sharon’s Advice My new mantra is love everyone. Just be a decent person. Go out there today and be nice to somebody who doesn't have a smile on their face and try to just spread love.